Clear the Air

From me to you

Dear Friend,

In light of recent news stories, I wanted to let you know directly – from me to you – that these accusations are baseless and completely untrue.

Throughout our campaign, we dealt with false, negative attack after attack. As the election grew closer, each smear against my character grew more and more desperate, deceptive and ugly.

Firefighters Clear the Air for Hancock

Dear Neighbor,

As firefighters and community leaders we are disappointed by the deceiving and inaccurate mailer sent out by Chris Romer about Michael’s commitment to first responders. This type of campaigning is not how we do it here in Denver and certainly does not gain the respect and confidence of the people.

Clear the Air: False Firefighter Mail Piece

Today is Day 2 of our Clear the Air website, and it is getting more attention than that YouTube of a laughing baby because the people of Denver support Michael’s positive vision for our future.

While Michael spent the day meeting with Denver residents and talking about his plans for our city, Chris Romer and his shadow campaign have launched another deceptive attack against Michael.

Women for Michael Clear the Air

Dear Friend:

Enough is enough. It’s time to set the record straight and clear the air about Michael Hancock. Ever since the runoff election began, Chris Romer and his allies have launched a steady barrage of false, negative and deceptive attacks.

Clear the Air #4

Dear Friend –
The 24-hour-a-day Romer attack machine never rests. Just hours after Michael launched his “Clear the Air” web page today, Romer and his shadow 527 committees fired off the latest negative assault – this time accusing Michael of wanting to take money out of public schools in favor of vouchers.
The facts:

Clear the Air #3

Dear Friend,

Since the beginning of this runoff election, Chris Romer went negative in a political move to try to stop the momentum of our positive campaign for mayor.

Clear the Air #2

Dear Neighbor:

Today the Romer campaign reached a new low with another desperate and deceptive campaign attack.

Acting on behalf of the Romer campaign, state Rep. Dan Kagan sent out a blast email attacking Michael’s credentials as a progressive on issues such as choice and religion.

Clear the Air #1

Dear Friend –

Less than 72 hours into the run-off election, Michael’s opponent, Chris Romer, went negative yesterday. And worse yet, Chris got his facts completely wrong on where Michael stands on a woman’s right to choose. Michael is strongly pro-choice – and he just earned a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood.

Hancock refutes Romer attack ad

Claim 1:
The Post said it betrayed the trust of Denver voters.

Response 1:

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